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Mirsal for businesses !


We are the first on demand delivery app ever been created all over

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Kuwait.Yes, we have been established in 2016 with a very simple goal which is to make your life process easily whether you are a business or an individual Mirsal can be your hand to get what you want wherever you are.We did start 3 years ago as we did achieve Common satisfactions for our clients all over Kuwait which made us more excited to be the first delivery application worldwide in few years.


Mirsal is giving the best on demand delivery prices all over Kuwait, We have varieties of prices that you can pick whether single or bulk deliveries, just choose what fits you right we pick up all your itemsYou can download the app and check the prices of delivery through our map.


Also, we can craft a special package that fits your business needs, never mind how many, large or small items you need to deliver flowers, gifts, food and beverages our packages options are limitless and we can pick up whatever you want pay it for you and deliver it on the same day.


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